Enterprise Kubernetes

Enterprise Kubernetes

March 15, 2023

The digital transformation enablers of DevOps and cloud are driving increasingly distributed computing and software architectures. This means that applications are being built as discrete functional parts i.e. as microservices. Now there are more parts to manage and what we have gained in our ability to make changes at speed, we’ve traded off with increased complexity. Teams need a policy-driven, automated solution that dictates how and where microservices and their containers will run. Kubernetes is an open source, extensible microservices orchestrator designed to handle these challenges and monitor and manage these complex, distributed applications and environments. And it’s become a de facto standard.

But installing, deploying, and managing Kubernetes is not that easy. 75% of users say that the complexity of implementation and operations is the top blocker to using Kubernetes in production. Teams have to consider security, multitenancy, and integration with their existing technology ecosystem when they think about using Kubernetes.

At this event, you’ll have a chance to meet leading cloud and microservices experts and practitioners and hear how they’ve used Kubernetes to overcome complex challenges and win at delivering better software, sooner and more safely.

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Who should Attend?

Infrastructure Engineers, IT Operations, Site Reliability Engineers, Enterprise Architects, Infrastructure Architects, Systems Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers, DevOps Leaders

What will you Learn?

  • How to architect, implement and scale Kubernetes in enterprise environments
  • About new and key open source projects in the Kubernetes ecosystem
  • What your options are for running Kubernetes across a variety of environments
  • Why Kubernetes helps businesses focus on what they need most—innovation and growth
  • Implementation patterns that helps resolve adoption challenges and barriers

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Do I need to register to attend SKILup Days?

Yes. Registration is free. it only takes a minute to sign up and you will have full access to the event both live, and “on demand”.

Are SKILup Days available on demand?

Yes. SKILup Days are available on this platform for 30 days after the event. Any previous event content can be accessed on demand through DevOps Institute’s “SKILup IT Learning program

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No applications are required to access the event. However, we do recommend that mobile users access the event via vFairs mobile application available both on android and iOS devices.
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Can my company Sponsor SKILup Days?

To enquire about sponsoring one of our SKILup Days, please get in touch with our “Sponsorship Team”.

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- If you’d like to speak at one or more of our SKILup Days, please get in touch with our Events Team events@devopsinstitute.com who will send further information.